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The Sewing Lounge

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Alterations and Dressmaking for your special occasions

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01942 275666


There's no need to take risks with your valuable garments – send all your sewing alteration with confidence to the Sewing Lounge in St Helens

Because quality is important in this business we aim to keep our prices competitive but always give you the best possible finish to your clothing

What's the point of risking an expensive garment just to save a couple of Pounds on an alteration?

We Provide a Full Range of Services and We Fit every Body!

We can Take In or Let out

Replace Zippers

Hems, Take Up or Let Down

Alter modify or redesign

Any fabric including Leather and Suede

Invisible mending

Nothing looks better than clothes that fit well. We can fix your clothing to fit you perfectly.

Have you ever found something on sale that’s perfect for you but not in your size? We can do the alterations to fit you so you don’t miss out.

If you want the best seamstress St Helens has to offer, then Call Us today to see how we can help