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Seamstress St Helens
Clothing alterations and repairs by the Sewing Lounge

From the office in Haydock, The Sewing Lounge are a family run business providing a high quality service for anyone requiring a seamstress in St Helens. We provide a full range of services that include, Dress making, Alterations, Repairs, Accessories plus much more. Having been in business for over 50 years, You can depend on the Sewing Lounge’s highly experienced team to deliver on time for every occasion

We take pride in every piece of quality work we undertake – whatever the occasion

We are expert communicators never assume we know what you want – if anything is unclear we check directly with you. If a problem ever arises, we don’t believe in arguing about it – we just fix it.


 Hooks & Eyes, Zips. Press Studs, Pins, Scissors, Beads, Ribbons, Threads, Needles, Buttons.

Special Occasions

+ Prom Dresses

+ Wedding Dresses

+ Confirmation Dresses

Alterations & Repairs

 We repair most garments :-

 Call us for a full list of our services


+ Take in or Let out

+ Replace Zippers

+ Hems Taken up or Let Down

+ Alter, Modify or Redesign

+ Any fabric including leather or suede

+ Invisible Mending

Nothing looks better than clothes that fit well. We can tailor your clothing to fit you perfectly.


If you are looking for a dressmaker in St Helens then soon their will be good news.  Within the coming months we will be offering dressmaking as service to our Customers.  Keep checking back in with us and we will let you know as soon as we can offer you dressmaking along with our core offering of a Seamstress in St Helens

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